Reconstruction and upgrading

Comprehensive reconstruction and upgrading of existing enterprises.
Reconstruction and upgrading

Apart from the list of new facilities which were built and put into operation, CONCORD GROUP has extensive experience and engineering potential enabling the Company to implement complex projects in modernization and rebuilding of existing by-product coke plants.

Reconstruction of coke over batteries of operational facilities requires a higher level of competence from the EPC contractor, requires attention to be drawn to the existing limitations of the facility and the peculiarities associated with integration into the existing infrastructure.

Using its experience, scientific research and information about the actual operation of facilities, CONCORD GROUP offers optimum solutions of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of by-product coke plants. The short list of works carried out by the Company includes:

  • optimization and setup of the production mode;
  • implementation of automatic control automatic systems of technological process;
  • implementation of safety and products quality control systems;
  • carrying out «hot» repair while the plant is in operation;
  • repair of refractory work of ovens and heating flues by means of an innovative method of ceramic welding;
  • implementation of fumeless charging system, modernization of devices and mechanisms to cut down emissions of hazardous substances into atmosphere;
  • modernization and setup of coke dry-quenching plants (CDQ plants);
  • replacement and repair of reinforcement equipment (anchorage, flash plates, tie rods) of coke oven batteries;
  • replacement of frames and coke doors with modern sealing system;
  • replacement of frames and flash plates, as well as doors with modern sealing system;
  • repair and modernization of coke oven heating and gas exhaust systems, and industrial pipelines;
  • replacement of electrical equipment.
  • complete overhaul of coke machines, devices and mechanisms, and other process equipment;
  • implementation of smoke-free technology of coke charging and pushing;
  • upgrade of electrical equipment, hydraulics, control and measurement equipment.
  • upgrade of existing shops where coke oven gas is separated from hydrogen sulphide and ammonia to comply with the environmental norms;
  • reconstruction and technical re-equipment of benzene recovery and processing shops;
  • upgrading and optimization of the ammonia and dephenolizing installations;
  • introduction of a set of measures designed to improve original and final cooling of coke oven gas;
  • implementation of the modern automated manufacturing process management systems and all kinds of communication and alarms.