Construction arrangement

Project implementation arrangement and management.
Construction arrangement

CONCORD GROUP arranges and carries out independent construction operations, supplies and assembles equipment, controls the quality of construction and erection works, commissions completed facilities. Projects are managed on the basis of accepted feasible and engineering-based solutions in the EPC contract format.

The Group has accumulated experience in the erection of coke production facilities, and mastered all the constituents of the construction process. When performing the functions of the general contractor, CONCORD GROUP engineers work thoroughly (before the construction begins) on the design, working and organizational-technical documentation, which is the key process for commencing construction works and arranging equipment supply and assembly.  

  • construction planning;
  • construction site preparation;
  • subcontractor and supplier activities coordination;
  • stage-by-stage control of costs and schedules;
  • construction safety control;
  • technical management on the construction site;
  • interaction with inspection and control bodies;
  • management of startup operations;
  • designer’s supervision.

Entrusting its project management to CONCORD GROUP, the Customer gets justified confidence that all the project works will be performed in a proper manner, in compliance with norms and standards, and that the project itself will be implemented in accord with the designated functionality within schedule time and budget.