Project organization and management

Сoncord Group organizes and independently performs construction works, supplies and installs equipment, controls the quality of construction and installation works, puts objects into operation. Project management is carried out on the basis of making cost-effective and engineering-based decisions in the format of an EPC contract.

The group has accumulated experience in the construction of coke production facilities, has thoroughly mastered all stages of the construction process. Acting as a general contractor, before the start of construction, Concord Group engineers carefully study the design, working and organizational and technological documentation, which is a key element for launching the construction process itself, starting the delivery and installation of equipment.

  • construction planning;
  • preparation of the construction site;
  • coordination of work of subcontractors and suppliers;
  • step-by-step control of costs and deadlines;
  • construction safety control;
  • technical guidance at the construction site;
  • interaction with inspecting and regulatory authorities;
  • commissioning management;
  • author’s supervision.

By entrusting the management of the project to Concord Group, the Customer receives reasonable assurance that all project work will be carried out in accordance with the requirements, in compliance with the norms and parameters, and the project itself will be implemented in accordance with the specified functionality within the expected time frame and within the established budget.