About Us

Is one of the world leaders in engineering, supply, construction, repair and consulting services.

The Group is primarily engaged in complex construction and rebuilding of coke production facilities, performing EPC contracts as well as general contractor activities.



CONCORD GROUP’s activity is based on efficient integration of engineering expertise, modern and reliable technologies, professional team and technical capacities into a single organizational structure.

Main markets

The key markets of the Group are Former Soviet Union countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. CONCORD GROUP’s reputation is supported by more than 50 successful projects accomplished in over 10 countries across the world.


The Group’s competitive position relies on the approach of quality assurance at reasonable price, wide experience in project management, unrivaled expertise and professionalism in the sphere of specialized and sophisticated technologies

Provision of integrated EPC services for coke production industry is the core business segment of CONCORD GROUP. However the Group’s companies may also act as subcontractors to perform specific types of works and render specialized services
Holding companies
Successful projects
Currently Concord Engineering includes 9 companies worldwide operating under the single brand of CONCORD GROUP.

Management, arrangement of procurements, placement of orders, logistics and supply management, quality control of supplied products.

Joint venture of Concord Coke Engineering PLC and Giprokoks (Ukraine). Internal engineering department that carries out adaptation of projects performed by Giprokoks, to the European Standards, as well as develops the basic design solutions for small-scale projects.

Company specializing in refractory bricking, erection of processing equipment, steel structures, systems and communications for coke production facilities.

Specialized engineering company executing complete technological control over technical condition of coke oven batteries starting from the moment of its construction to the moment of its stoppage.

Specialized company for construction, upgrading, repair and maintenance of metallurgical plants.

Engineering company specializes in a complete set and construction of solar power plants of any complexity and “turnkey” power.

Engineering company specializing in the coke oven batteries construction and reconstruction.

Engineering company specializing in the coke oven batteries construction and reconstruction.
Representative office of Concord Coke Engineering in Italy.

Human resources is one of the key success factors of CONCORD GROUP. Personnel policy of the Group is based on the principles of long-term cooperation, mutual respect and continuous development.

Permanent professional development and self-improvement allow each employee to use their individual qualities and gain experience in the most efficient and beneficial way.     

By means of on-site training on the one hand and intensive academic training on the other hand, CONCORD GROUP offers the opportunity to the employees to obtain valuable professional background.

CONCORD GROUP has the reputation of preferred employer in the field of design and engineering of coke production facilities, providing its employees with access to large-scale and challenging international projects.    

Operations of Group’s international offices are managed by experienced and qualified specialists, who are well-informed of the situation at local markets, maintain mutually beneficial relations with customers and realize the Group’s international projects at the highest quality standards. 

 Incorporation of business providing ЕРС services for coke production industry under CONCORD GROUP brand.
 Start of the first EPC project associated with revamping of coke oven battery No. 3 at Dunaferr Metallurgical Plant (Hungary). The project was successfully completed in 2005 and led to establishment of long-term cooperation with the customer. This project also initiated strategic partnership with Giprokoks State Institute (Ukraine), one of the world’s largest engineering companies providing design of coke production enterprises.
 The second large order related to revamping of coke oven battery No. 3 with Kremikovtzi AD, the largest metallurgical company of Bulgaria. This project was followed by a range of other associated with performance of complex repair works and supply of refractory materials for coke oven batteries No. 3 and 4. Realization of this project in 2005 resulted in strengthening position of CONCORD GROUP brand in Central European market.
 Contract signed for turnkey construction of a new coke oven battery for Radlin complex at Zabrze Coke Plant (Poland). The contract was supplemented by orders for refractory materials supply. Completion of the said project enabled the Group to assert itself as a global supplier of ЕРС services in the coke production industry.
 Concord Steel General Trading FZC (UAE), financial center of the Group, was incorporated.
 In January the Group entered Asian market after being awarded with the contract for turnkey revamping of coke oven batteries No. 1 and 2 with Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation, the leading public producer of long products and products of high-strength cast iron in Pakistan.
 In April Concord Steel Pakistan was incorporated for supporting works under the Pakistan Steel Mills contract.
 In February SIE MAC LLC (Ukraine) became a member of CONCORD GROUP. As a result CONCORD GROUP has expanded a range of its services through innovation technology of ceramic welding of coke ovens without interruption of production process. SIE MAC LLC has strengthened in-house competences of the Group and added to diversification of its business segments.
 In September the Group won the tender for turnkey reconstruction of coke oven battery No. 4 at Isdemir Steel Plant Metallurgical Plant (Turkey).
 In October the Group successfully entered Indian market after signing the contract for procurement of refractory materials for construction of coke oven battery No. 2 at IISCO/SAIL Metallurgical Plant in Burnpur.
 In October the Group signed its largest contract for reconstruction of coke oven batteries No. 3 and No. 4 with USIMINAS – one of the leading steel makers in Brazil. Cooperation with the leading steel making company in the largest economy in Latin America became another milestone for CONCORD GROUP on its way to strengthening own position on the global market.
 In December Giprokoks Polska (Poland) was incorporated jointly with Giprokoks State Institute (Ukraine) as internal engineering and technical subdivision of the Group.
 In January Koksokhimremont LLC became a member of CONCORD GROUP. Koksokhimremont LLC is a successor of the Soviet enterprise and has more than forty years of experience in the sphere of repair and construction services for coke production plants. Throughout the decades Koksokhimremont was considered as the internal company providing maintenance of coke ovens at Krivorozhstal Metallurgical Plant (currently ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine).
 For the purpose of strengthening its status as global service provider the Group incorporated its headquarters in Vienne, Austria, by establishing Concord Engineering GmbH.
 In August the GROUP acquired 51% of shares of Koks-kompleks PE EC, the company specialized in the sphere of detailed engineering of machinery and equipment for coke production plants. Acquisition of Koks-kompleks PE EC strengthened the engineering capacity of CONCORD GROUP and enabled it to provide practically the full scope of detailed engineering design works as well as engineering works that are essential for turnkey projects realization.
 In September CONCORD GROUP successfully proceeded with its expansion on the promising Indian market by signing the sub-contract for supply of refractory materials for new construction of coke oven battery with National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC), the largest state manufacturer and exporter of iron ore in India.
 In September CONCORD GROUP won the tender for supply of a coke-pushing machine for Enakievo Coke Plant (Ukraine). The plant belongs to Metinvest Group, one of the largest steel makers in Europe.
 In June the CONCORD GROUP consolidated its subsidiaries under the unified holding.
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