Oven height:6,00 м
Chamber volume:35,8 м3
Number of ovens:110


PVR type with twin vertical flues and waste products recirculation
Heating scheme – mixed gas, underjet type.
1 Stage 
Steel structure:6 167 t
Equipment:4 946 t
Materials:83000 t
Personnel involved (design information):50
2 Stage 
Steel structure:2 250 t
Equipment:1835 t
Materials:42000 t
Coke machines:1300 t
Personnel involved (design information):50

USIMINAS – is one of the largest steel manufactures in Latin America, with major productive capacity in Brazil. With a total throughput of 9.5 million tons of steel per year. The company accounts for 28% of total steel output in Brazil.

Due to toughening of environmental regulations in Brazil, the Customer has decided to carry out the reconstruction and modernization of coke oven batteries No 3 and 4 as well as reconstruction of corresponded facilities on USIMINAS Ipatinga Plant, while plant is in operation.

The project includes two-stage operation:

Reconstruction of coke oven batteries No3 and 4 with complete replacement of technological equipment including:  

  • basic engineering;

  • detailed engineering;

  • basic and auxiliary technological equipment supply:
    • end, intermediary, service benches;
    • dustfree coke pushing manifold with ventilation unit;
    • HPLA pumphouse;
    • interplant pipelines;
    • electrical & instrumentation schemes;
  • complete modernization of automatic process control system;

  • material supply;

  • supervision of civil works;

  • drying and heating up of the battery;

  • putting into operation.

Reconstruction of COB No3, 4 corresponded facilities including:

  • automation system for filling coal tower;

  • dry an wet quenching system;

  • coke oven machines including:
    • two coke pusher mashines.
    • two door extracting machines.
    • two quenching cars.
    • two electric locomotives.
  • unit for coke sampling while unloading it from the conveyor E1;

  •  installation of aspiration on conveyors of coke delivery E1-E4, R1-R7;

  •  coke ramp (main and stand-by) of COB №3 and №4. Installation of gates;

  • by-product recovery plant including:
    • primary gas refrigerators;
    • machine room (replacement of gas pipe-lines, installation of new frequency converters);
    • cooling station with a pumping condensate;
    • mechanized clarifier with system for gas emissions collecting;
    • coke oven gas precipitators;
    • desludging and gas-collecting;
    • low pressure pump;
    • pumping recycling water supply.
  • control cabin of by-product plant;

  • process water-cooling tower;

  • interdepartmental communication;

  • interdepartmental cable networks;

  • 3.3 / 0.46 kV electrical substation of wet quenching installations of COB № 3 and № 4;

  • further equipping of COB №3 and №4 electrical substations;

  • electrical substation of recycled process water;

  • new electrical unit of coke by-product plant;

  • outdoor lighting, earthing and lightning protection;

  • underground mains of water supply and sanitation.

Furthermore CONCORD GROUP scope of works includes supervision and technological support of the whole process of construction, drying and heating up of coke oven batteries using the convection method and regasification units LPG, driving up to the rated capacity and commissioning of COB № 3 and № 4 with corresponded facilities.

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Реконструкция и модернизация комплекса коксовых батарей №3, реконструкция сопутствующих объектов комплекса в условиях действующего производства

Project details

  • Клиент: USIMINAS
  • Локация: г. Ипатинга, БРАЗИЛИЯ
  • Выполнено работ