Repair and restoration

Repair of refractory masonry of coke ovens without stopping production.
Repair and restoration
  • repair of refractory masonry of coke ovens by the innovative ceramic welding method;
  • repair of refractory masonry with one-side, two-side and through re-laying of oven heating walls;
  • routine repairs of the walls of oven chambers and bottoms;
  • repair of supporting structure of coke oven batteries, including flues and grate bars;
  • repair of coke oven battery roof with replacement of paving, charging hole frames, coke oven gas burners etc.;
  • refractory facing of oven equipment;
  • repair of masonry over and under flash plates;
  • insulation and sealing of façade walls of regenerators, gas and air valves;
  • adjustment of coke oven battery heating system;
  • repair of reinforcement equipment of coke oven batteries;
  • repair of coke machinery;
  • repair of installations in sulfur removal and recovery chemical shops;
  • comprehensive repair of coke dry-quenching installation blocks;
  • repair, refractory facing, cleaning of industrial pipelines and gas pipelines.

Ceramic welding is one of the most effective ways of refractory masonry repair in thermal units. This method is aimed at prolonging coke oven service life.

The specific feature of the ceramic welding method is that, due to heat release in the course of mixture’s fuel component combustion in oxygen environment, the mixture’s refractory elements are melted and damaged masonry is filled. The material used is equivalent to refractory bricks in its crystal structure and physical and chemical properties. When the melt solidifies, a structure is formed with ceramic connection between the masonry material and coating.

This method secures the rhythmic work of the thermal units, reduces the consumption of expensive fire-bricks, cuts down the number of labour-intensive cold repairs connected with refractory masonry replacement.

Advantages of using ceramic welding:
  • repair without stopping the production;
  • immediate fusion of melted material with the repaired refractory masonry;
  • prolonging the service life of coke oven batteries.
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