Engineering design

Development, manufacture, assembly and setup of manufacturing equipment for by-product coke plants, and service maintenance
Engineering design

CONCORD GROUP combines the designing and manufacturing potential of the companies specializing in engineering, production and service maintenance of equipment for the coke sector.

Sustainable interaction between customers, designers, manufacturers and erection companies results in substantial reduction of delivery time as well as the cost of delivered equipment. Quality control at every stage of manufacturing process results in minimization of difficulties during erection and ensures reducing of commissioning period.

  • coke oven machines, including:
    • coke pusher machines, stamp charging pushing machines;
    • oven roof cars, coke guide cars, coal charging cars;
    • coke quenching and coke transfer cars;
    • electric locomotives;
    • mechanisms for coke oven machines.
  • basic manufacturing equipment for coke oven batteries, including:
    • coke oven anchorage systems;
    • elements embedded into brickwork;
    • self-sealing doors, flash plates, frames of coke ovens;
    • reversing valves for gas, air and combustion products;
    • automatic and manual shut-off valves;
    • reversing mechanism, hydraulic reversing device;
    • piping for heating ovens with coke oven and blast furnace gas;
    • gas collecting mains;
    • irrigators, sprayers, steam and water injection cocks;
    • hydraulically assisted gas exhaust pipes;
    • door repair stations;
    • pumping equipment;
    • ventilation and air conditioning equipment;
    • water supply and sewerage equipment;
    • electrical equipment;
    • equipment for control and measuring instrumentation & APCS.
  • coke quenching equipment;
  • auxiliary equipment for coke oven batteries;
  • coke intake and sorting equipment;
  • equipment for recovery shops of by-product coke plants;
  • metal structures and reservoirs;
  • lift-and-carry equipment.

CONCORD GROUP provides high-quality service maintenance and post-warranty service, offers solutions of technical issues, performs diagnostics and adjustment, as well as repair of all kinds of manufacturing equipment and coke machines that are supplied.

  • startup (equipment commissioning);
  • training the customer’s staff in operation of equipment; routine maintenance;
  • consulting on matters arising in the course of operation.

If necessary, maintenance is carried out jointly with manufacturing plants’ specialists who provide additional professional guidance.