Supply of equipment

Order placement, picking and delivery of materials and equipment.
Supply of equipment

CONCORD GROUP’s huge experience with suppliers enables it to accept additional orders for materials supply, acting as a subcontractor. In addition, the Group can be engaged in the project as the supplier of special equipment and machinery for coke plants and render complex services in detailed technical design and production supervision.

CONCORD GROUP uses its experience, tools and technologies, and ensures delivery of the required construction materials, structures and equipment when and where they are needed at an optimum price.

  • chain of competent suppliers that ensure quality warranties and allow to reduce significantly delivery terms and procurement costs;
  • long-term and trust relations with local producers and subcontracting organizations;
  • availability of professional experts in major industrial cities of the world;
  • knowledge of local laws, markets, customs regulations and purchase methods, which facilitates considerably the work with suppliers.

CONCORD GROUP regularly monitors the product quality and delivery time by performing various tests and recurrent inspections. To ensure operational quality control, the Group’s engineers operate at the supplier’s plant and exercise daily control over the production process.

CONCORD GROUP guarantees the success of both big and small projects by providing integrated reliable and efficient supply chain management services.