Consulting services

Consulting, technical support and staff training.
Consulting services

CONCORD GROUP provides consulting services to coke production operators and to other contracting organizations which do not have sufficient technical experience in the provision of necessary technical specifications within a tender.

Having a staff of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in construction, reconstruction and repair of by-product coke facilities, CONCORD GROUP offers:

  • consulting services designated for technical support of commissioned coke facilities;
  • training and certification of by-product coke plant staff;
  • consultations on technical issues;
  • preparation of technical specifications and other documents.

Apart from technical consultations, the Group renders services in technical support of existing plants. Post-commissioning technical support is provided on the customer’s site by a team of engineers and includes routine maintenance, warranty maintenance and assistance to the customer regarding coke oven operation.

These services enable CONCORD GROUP to cooperate with the customer and to be ready for participation in tenders for major projects.