Construction of new facilities

Performance of construction and erection works of various scope and complexity.
Construction of new facilities

CONCORD GROUP’s main activities include construction coke facilities in compliance with international standards and requirements to quality and reliability as well as implementation of EPC contracts and performance of general contractor functions.

With its experience and competence, CONCORD GROUP is capable of performing construction and erection works of any level of complexity and reliability under peculiar conditions of the existing production environment, including:

  • coke oven batteries for production of furnace and marketable coke;
  • furnaces for production of specific types of coke and thermal treatment of carbonaceous and other materials;
  • machinery, mechanisms and manufacturing equipment for coke shops;
  • equipment and installations for dry and wet quenching of coke;
  • equipment for transportation and preparation of coal for coking (including defrosting, acceptance, preliminary crushing, sorting, warehousing, dozing, loading, compacting etc.);
  • manufacturing and auxiliary buildings and equipment (e.g. hangars for coke oven batteries brick facing, coal-crushing towers, warehouses for materials, machinery and equipment);
  • a network of industrial pipelines and utilities;
  • management, automation and security systems, control and measuring equipment;
  • equipment for chemical products recovery and treatment in the course of coke production:
    • for coke oven gas recovery and purification;
    • for waste recycling;
  • industrial waste briquetting lines.
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