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Provision of integrated design services.

The main task of the D&E department is rendering design & engineering services for construction of new coke plants as well as for reconstruction and upgrading of existing ones.

Scientific, technical and design potential of CONCORD GROUP allows to develop optimum technological solutions and carry out the full cycle of design works, including:

  • integrated development of design documentation for construction of new coke plants, metallurgical plants and power enterprises as well as reconstruction, expansion and technological re-equipment of existing ones;
  • analysis of the present condition of a coke production plant and furnishing recommendations for its improvement and implementation of modern technologies;
  • development of production process and design of separation, recovery, purification, treatment and recycling equipment for  chemical coking byproducts;
  • development of automatic integrated control systems for technological process of coke production plants;
  • evaluation of environmental impact of coke production facilities;
  • research and experimental design works;
  • designer’s supervision for construction of facilities of by-product plants;
  • rendering of a wide range of engineering services.

General toughening of environmental standards and stricter requirements to coke quality against the background of general deterioration of global coal base determine the priorities of CONCORD GROUP in the course of performance of research and development works:

  • implementation of new technologies with automatic program control;
  • implementation of innovative processes of preparation of coal charge out of oven;
  • minimization of hazardous impact on environment;
  • implementation of new technologies of recovery and treatment of chemical products of coal coking;
  • development and implementation of energy-saving technologies for use of secondary energy resources.

Strategic partnership agreement concluded with leading design companies reinforce significantly the Group’s engineering and technical potential and provides for joint participation of the parties in tenders for turnkey projects within the consortium.

CONCORD GROUP established long-term strategic partnership with:

Giprokoks SI (Ukraine) is a state institution and one of the world’s major design companies in the coke production industry. Nearly one third of the world’s coke facilities are based on projects and technologies by Giprokoks which provides us with a better understanding of coke plant condition in the market of former USSR, Eastern Europe, Asia and Northern Africa.

With a view to accruing internal engineering potential, CONCORD GROUP and Giprokoks set up Giprokoks Polska (Poland). Giprokoks Polska is Group’s internal engineering unit which analyzes and adapts design carried out by Giprokoks to the European standards and develops basic solutions for specific projects.