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ZABRZE Coke Plant

Coke oven battery No.1-bis


Coke plant ZABRZE, which owns coking plant RADLIN, is one of the largest coke producers in Poland. The production capacity of the plant is about 1.2 million tons of coke per year.

Due to the necessity of technical re-equipment of the enterprise, changes of the European environmental standards, and requirements for working conditions improvement, the Customer decided to build a new coke oven battery with a stationary system of coal charge ramming and correspondent facilities in the coke plant ZABRZE.

Scope of civil and erection works of CONCORD GROUP in the project:

  • battery brickwork;

  • reinforcement of coke oven battery;

  • reinforcement of ovens brickwork;

  • assembly of flash plates, frames, doors;

  • assembly of gas-intake system including accessories of ovens heating with coke oven gas, gas and air valves;

  • assembly of gas-outlet system including gas collecting mains and crossover gas main, hydraulic-assisted stand pipes, industrial pipelines;

  • assembly of reversing system including reversing mechanism and hydraulic reversing device;

  • manufacturing, supply, mounting and putting into operation of a set of coke machines which contains:
    • two door extracting machines,
    • ceiling car,
    • two electric locomotives,
    • two quenching cars.
  • drying and heating up of the battery;

  • commissioning.


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