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PAKISTAN Steel Mills

Coke oven battery No.1

Pakistan Steel Mills – is the leading state producer of long products and products of high-strength cast iron in Pakistan.

Coke oven battery №1 was designed by GP "Giprokoks" (Ukraine) and commissioned in 1984. After more than 20 years of work as a result of physical deterioration and adverse operating conditions, the battery was on the verge of a full stop.

Pakistan Steel Mills direction decided to provide a turn-key pad-up reconstruction of coke oven battery №1.

Having made the best offer among tender participants, in January 2007 Concord Group started the project of COB №1 reconstruction.

Main scope of civil and erection works for reconstruction of the battery carried out by CONCORD GROUP:

  • basic engineering;

  • detailed engineering;

  • basic and auxiliary technological equipment supply;

  • refractory material supply;

  • dismantling of the existing project;

  • complete replacement of battery’s brickwork upper structure with partial keeping of inclined flue zone (45%) and separating walls of regenerators (80%);

  • complete replacement of gas-outlet equipment (gas collecting mains and cross over gas main, hydraulic-assisted stand pipes);

  • complete replacement of all industrial pipelines;

  • replacement of 100% oven brickwork reinforcement;

  • replacement of 100% of flash plates, frames, doors;

  • replacement of reinforcing structures embedded into ovens’ brickwork;

  • replacement of gas and air valves;

  • replacement of accessories of ovens heating with coke oven gas;

  • revision of reversing system;

  • replacement of electric systems;

  • upgrading of electrical and instrumentation schemes, implementation of automatic process control system;

  • drying and heating up;

  • commissioning.


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