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ISDEMIR Steel Plant

Coke oven battery No.4 2007-2012


ISDEMIR Steel Plant was commissioned in 1975. Currently it is the biggest plant in Turkey with its production capacity of 3.5 million tons of long and flat products per year.

ISDEMIR Steel Plant – is the only full-cycle plant in Turkey with all stages of the technological process:

    • coke production;
    • sinter and lime production;
    • blast-furnace production;
    • steelmaking production;
    • rolling production;
    • steel-rolling production;
    • auxiliary shops.

In 2008 ISDEMIR Steel Plant started realization of production modernization and transformation investing program (MTI), which apart from commissioning of new facilities for the production of flat products, provided the reconstruction of coke oven battery № 4 as well.

CONCORD GROUP won the tender and began turn-key pad-up reconstruction of coke oven battery №4 including heating up and commissioning of COB №4 with set of corresponded facilities.

Main scope of civil and erection works for reconstruction of the battery carried out by CONCORD GROUP:

  • basic engineering;

  • detailed engineering;

  • basic and auxiliary technological equipment supply;

  • coke machines supply;

  • refractory material supply;

  • supervision of civil works; masonry;

  • assembling of COB technological equipment;

  • replacement of end, intermediary, service benches;

  • dustfree coke pushing manifold with ventilation unit;

  • HPLA pumphouse;

  • interplant pipelines;

  • electrical & instrumentation schemes replacement;

  • complete modernization of automatic process control system;

  • drying and heating up;

  • putting into operation.


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