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Coke oven battery No.1-bis


CZESTOCHOWA NOWA Coke Plant – is a unique Polish enterprise aimed at implementation of innovative solutions in coking industry.

Production capacity is about 650 thousand tons of coke per year. Due to the necessity of increasing coke oven battery №1productivity and reducing the hazardous impact of coke production on the environment (especially in terms of dust and gases) it was decided to reconstruct COB №1.

Main scope of civil and erection works for reconstruction of the battery carried out by CONCORD GROUP:

  • basic engineering;

  • detailed engineering of brickwork;

  • detailed engineering of  door extraction machine unique construction;

  • detailed engineering of coke carriage with alternative drive (without electric locomotive);

  • refractory material supply;

  • rebricking of coke oven battery;

  • supervision of brickwork;

  • assembling of technological equipment.


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