Works and services we provide.

Provision of integrated EPC services for coke production industry is the core business segment of CONCORD GROUP. However the Group’s companies may also act as subcontractors to perform specific types of works and render specialized services:

  Construction Design and engineering
  Provision of package design services related to construction of new, revamping of existing and upgrading of operational coke production facilities, metallurgical and power enterprises.
  Construction of new coke production facilities
  Turnkey construction of coke production facilities. EPC contracts implementation, general contractor functions, performance of construction and erection works of any complexity.
  Реконструкция и модернизация Reconstruction and upgrading of existing coke plants
  Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of coke plants, including optimization of coke production process.
  Ремонтно-восстановительные работы Repair and restoration of existing by-product coke facilities
  Performance of repair and restoration works using the partial coke oven rebricking method and an innovative ceramic welding technology within the existing production environment.
  Construction arrangement and management
  Management and coordination of contracted organizations’ joint operations, supervision over adherence to the production procedures, construction quality standards and approved estimated costs, ensuring compliance with the scheduled time of construction works.
  Машины и оборудование Engineering design, manufacture and installation of production equipment
  Design, manufacture, installation and setup of machinery and production equipment for coke production facilities as well as maintenance service and repair, and supply of spare parts.
  Delivery of structures, equipment and materials for coke production plants
  Delivery of refractory material, coke production equipment, metal structures, coking machinery, electrical equipment etc.
  Consulting services and technical support
  Consulting, professional staff training, maintenance of coke production facilities, material and spare parts supply management, upgrading and optimization of coke production processes.